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Is Botox Right For Me? | Facial Aesthetics 60619

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Botox is no joke. The treatment consists of having a qualified medical professional inject a powerful substance called botulinum toxin into your facial muscles.

Why would anyone want to do this? Because botulinum toxin’s paralyzing effect will stop the muscles in your face from tensing up over time and prevent wrinkles on your face and neck from forming.

Although this sounds like a miracle, patients looking to get a Botox injection should know as much information as they can about the short and long-term effects. The most important questions to ask your medical professional about Botox are listed below.

What Are The Side Effects?

It is important to know what kind of side effects will come with receiving any treatment, so you are fully prepared for what to expect after. Luckily, the side effects associated with Botox are very limited.

One main thing to be aware of is wherever you are injected could darken, bruise, or swell up in the days following the procedure. Make sure to refrain from any strenuous physical activity hours after your visit, because during this time the botulinum toxin must completely settle.

Working out tends to activate facial muscles which could spread the drug in other areas of your face. Other than these two things, there are no additional side effects to worry about.

What Is Upkeep With Botox?

There are several factors associated with how long Botox will keep your skin wrinkle-free. These factors include the age of the patient, the condition of the injection site, and how the facial muscles have responded to and recovered from the last treatment.

For most people, the effects of a Botox injection will usually last between three and six months. To see the full effect from the procedure, the average waiting period is about one week before results become apparent.

When Is The Right Time to Get It?

The people who originally started getting Botox treatments were between their forties and sixties. More recently, a trend has arisen called preventative Botox. The idea behind this type of treatment is for younger people (in their late twenties or thirties) to prevent wrinkles by getting rid of them before they begin to form.

When facial wrinkles and fine lines are still faint, Botox has been said to work more effectively according to many plastic surgeons.

Schedule an appointment with our facial aesthetics office in Chicago, IL today to talk to our doctor about any of your Botox related questions. We would be happy to help address any concerns you may have and discuss the options available to you.

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The Best Ways to Remove Moles and DPN | Facial Aesthetics 60619

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Some people love their moles, even calling them beauty marks. Others find that dark, raised bumps get irritated under clothing or make it difficult to shave. Some fear moles could be a sign of an emerging health condition. If you want to remove a mole, or a common skin overgrowth known as DPN, here is what you need to know.

It is important to select a physician with experience in mole removal to attain the best outcome and reduce scarring. Dr. Cornell McCullom performs hundreds of these procedures each year and, as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, knows just how to get excellent results.  

Removing DPN on Black Skin

A condition called dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN), is a scattering of tiny black moles along the cheeks that is common in dark-skinned individuals. DPN is simply a buildup of epidermal (skin) cells rather than a true mole and is almost always benign.

These tend to be hereditary, hence the nickname, “family moles.” Nevertheless, if you are unhappy with their appearance, we can remove them in our office.  

How are Moles Removed?

There are several ways to remove moles, depending on the depth, size, location, and other factors you will discuss with our doctor.

Radiowave technology: This incision-free technique achieves great results in a minimally invasive way. It produces minimal scarring, if any, for many people, and is also effective on DPN and other excess skin growths.  

Shave excision method: A thin tool resembling a razor blade carefully slices the mole, layer by layer. An electrode may sometimes be used to blur the edges of the treatment area so it blends with the surrounding skin. 

Surgical excision method: The mole itself and the subcutaneous fat layer below are surgically removed. Tiny sutures are then used to close the incision.

Fortunately, the process of mole removal is short, simple, and straightforward. It is designed as an outpatient procedure. 

After you have checked into our facility, you’ll be led to a surgical room. The treatment area is cleaned, a local anesthetic is applied to maximize comfort, and the mole is removed.  

Does Your Mole Require a Biopsy?

After the procedure is completed, we may send the excised tissue to a laboratory for analysis. There, technicians examine it under a microscope to determine whether it is benign — that is, safe and harmless — or abnormal and potentially cancerous.

The biopsy process typically takes one to two weeks, and Dr. McCullom’s team will call you with results.

Mole removal is a quick and easy procedure that can make a great difference in your self-perception. If you have a mole that you want removed for any reason, make an appointment with our facial aesthetics office in Chicago, IL today.

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All About Sculptra Facial Fillers | Facial Aesthetics in 60619

As people age, they lose volume in their cheeks, creating a hollow, flat, or sagging appearance. Sculptra dermal filler restores that volume, giving the face a healthier and more youthful look.

This filler has come a long way since its introduction in 2004. The FDA approved it to treat a condition called lipoatrophy, the loss of localized adipose (fat) tissue, in HIV patients. It countered the gaunt look associated with advanced forms of the disease.

Over decades, however, Sculptra has been successfully used on healthy people seeking to revitalize their appearance and restore lost facial volume. 

How Does Sculptra Work?

Many dermal fillers use substances like hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) to give facial skin volume, suppleness, and smoothness. Sculptra activates the body’s own natural collagen production using a safe polymer solution called PLLA.

PLLA microparticles penetrate deep within dermal layers and are eventually absorbed into the body. As this occurs, the polymer stimulates the production of collagen, a protein integral to facial tissue and skin elasticity. This unique mechanism makes Sculptra’s effects last up to two years.

Is Sculptra Safe for Black Skin?

While Black skin shows signs of aging later than Caucasian skin, lost volume and facial balancing are concerns shared by women of color. Sculptra can be used to add definition, balance out a small chin, achieve facial symmetry, fill shadow areas, and disguise scarring. It is safe for skin of all colors. 

What is a Sculptra Treatment Regimen Like?

Sculptra requires several injections for maximum impact. For the best results, Dr. McCullom recommends two to three treatments spread out over several months. The filler is pre-mixed with a local anesthetic for greater comfort.

Sculptra Side-effects

Like most facial injections and dermal fillers, Sculptra’s side-effects are minimal. Patients should expect tenderness around the injection site, as well as temporary swelling and redness. This resolves quickly for most people.

Sculptra takes slightly longer than other injectables to achieve its full effect, requiring two or more weeks to take complete effect. Keep in mind, however, that it can last up to two years. That is several times longer than other injectable fillers.

If you want to learn more about the long-lasting benefits of Sculptra, contact our office in Chicago, IL and schedule an appointment with Dr. McCullom. 

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Do You Need Neck Liposuction? | Chicago Facial Aesthetics

The neckline can be a barometer of aging and weight changes. Because exercise is not effective in removing fat pockets in the chin, neck, and jowl areas, neck liposuction is an effective solution for many people. Dr. Cornell McCullom is highly skilled at removing stubborn fat from these areas safely.

Liposuction creates a smoother, firmer, and more graceful appearance in the area under the neck. Improving just this one feature can even help people look years younger or as if they’ve lost weight. Because fat cells are removed, results are permanent. 

Ideal Neck Liposuction Patients

Because recontouring addresses fat deposits rather than deeply sagging skin, it achieves the greatest results in patients who are in their twenties through mid-fifties, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Patients with good skin tone achieve the best results.

What is the Neck Liposuction Procedure Like?

It is a fairly quick procedure performed using a local anesthetic. Dr. McCullom will remove excess fat and sculpt a natural contour through one or two small incisions beneath the chin or behind the ears. He marks the area, numbs it, and uses a small cannula to remove the stubborn fat. This guarantees the gentlest treatment for a delicate area.

After the procedure, patients typically wear a supportive chin strap for a few days and can return to work within a week. Some patients experience swelling and bruising, but this usually resolves within 10 to 14 days.

If patients maintain a stable body weight, the results are permanent and can bring balance to the facial features. You can expect a defined jawline and chin that look natural, attractive, and more youthful. This procedure can also be combined with others, including rhinoplasty and cheek or chin implants, to further enhance facial contours.

Neck Liposuction Alternatives

Skin that has lost elasticity can benefit from a different procedure called neck lift surgery. Another effective alternative is Botox injections in the platysma band — the muscles that stand out when you flex your neck. This can redefine the jaw temporarily. Some people refer to this procedure as a Nefertiti lift, as it appears to elongate the neck like the famed Egyptian queen.

Dr. McCullom takes special care to safely perform all procedures, including neck liposuction. He is highly trained and experienced, with patients reporting excellent results. If you are interested in learning more about neck and jowl liposuction, contact our facial aesthetics office in Chicago, IL and schedule a consultation today.

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Is a Chemical Peel Right for You? | Facial Aesthetics Near Me

Modern chemical peels can dramatically improve the appearance of your face, neck, décolleté and hands. This in-office treatment is designed to stimulate collagen production. Many peels also contain antioxidants that are especially effective at revitalizing skin. Compared with laser resurfacing, peels are also a safe choice for darker skin tones.  

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What is a Chemical Peel?

Dr. Cornell McCullom is highly trained at determining the type of peels that work best for each patient. He brushes on a chemical solution that exfoliates layers of skin, a process that encourages skin cell turnover. Damaged dermal layers peel off (hence the term chemical peel). The new skin revealed is smoother, more evenly pigmented, and less wrinkled.

What Chemical Peels Can Treat

Chemical peels can address a wide range of skin-related ailments including deeper wrinkles, crepiness, and scarring. They can also diminish the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma (mask of pregnancy), and sun damage.

The Three Main Types of Chemical Peels

Skin peels can be broken down into three categories, each more powerful than the next. 

Mild peels use alpha-hydroxy acid or another weak compound to penetrate the outer layer of skin. It improves superficial skin discolorations, refreshing the appearance of the face, neck, chest and hands. Mild chemical peels require anywhere from one to seven days to heal.

In the middle category are medium peels. Glycolic or trichloroacetic acid penetrates both the outermost and middle dermal layers to lift away damaged cells. Primarily used to improve age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, this treatment may also be used to smooth skin and treat some types of precancerous skin growths. Healing time ranges from seven to 14 days.

Deep peels are the most intense treatments. They deeply penetrate the middle layers of skin to address lines, age spots, and shallow acne scars. Patients can expect dramatic results to skin appearance. Because this procedure is intense, it can only be performed once in a lifetime. Healing can take up to 21 days, depending on the patient. Several follow-up appointments are usually required to monitor progress.

To choose the right chemical peel for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Cornell McCullom. Together, you can decide on a treatment plan that works best for your beauty goals. Make your appointment today and discover your best self by contacting our Chicago IL Facial Aesthetics team.

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What is a Non-Surgical Facelift? | South Side Chicago Facial Aesthetics

Are you ready to do something about fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin? Until relatively recently, you had two choices: The scalpel or the needle. Now there is a third option that gives long-lasting, natural-looking results: The thread lift. 

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The surgical route includes invasive surgeries such as facelifts and brow lifts. These involve significant cost and a long recovery time. The nonsurgical route uses fillers such as Juvéderm, Sculptra and autologous fat. It can involve muscle-immobilizers such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. These injectables yield excellent results for many people but typically only last a few months. 

A happy medium between these two extremes is the thread lift. Our office uses a trusted brand called NovaThreads. 

What is a NovaThreads Lift?

Thread lifts are sutures and threads injected under the skin and anchored at the lowest point of the treatment area. The threads are precisely lifted and anchored again at the apex point. The process is highly effective at tightening the cheeks and jawline. However, NovaThreads can be used almost anywhere. On most people, they are impossible to detect once placed. 

Three main types of threads currently used for this procedure are polydioxanone (PDO), polylactic acid (PLA) and polycaprolactone (PCA). PDO, which has been used the longest, is the type used in NovaThreads.  

How Do NovaThreads Work?

When NovaThreads are placed, they not only lift the skin; they trigger the body’s healing response. Collagen, a building-block protein, floods the area and forms around the threads, ultimately keeping the repositioned tissue in place. 

Are the Sutures Permanent?

What sets NovaThreads apart is the use of next-generation PDO suture materials. Used in many surgeries, they are fully absorbed by the body within about six months. 

How Long Does a Thread Lift Last? 

NovaThreads work in two distinct phases. The first phase, during which the injected suture lifts the tissue, lasts between four and six months. The collagen-building response then kicks in and continues the visible impact. In all, the effect from NovaThreads can last for a year or longer.

Why Choose NovaThreads over a Surgical Facelift?

Because thread-lifting is minimally invasive, it is performed outpatient using local anesthetics. You can drive yourself home right after the treatment. A traditional facelift entails weeks of healing time. Typically, thread lift patients experience no more than temporary bruising or tenderness, similar to injectable fillers. Bleeding, scarring, and infection are exceedingly rare compared with traditional facelift. 

Last, and perhaps most important, NovaThreads are a substantially more affordable option than a surgical facelift.

If the NovaThreads thread lift sounds like a good fit for your beauty goals, the next step is an evaluation. Contact our South Side Chicago Facial Cosmetics’ office to discuss all your facial rejuvenation options with Dr. McCullom. 

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What an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Can Do for Your Appearance | Facial Aesthetics 60619

If you want to improve your appearance, working with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon may be an excellent option for you. This specialist usually has dual degrees in medicine and dentistry, and thoroughly understands the face and neck.  

Facial Aesthetics in 60619

It takes 12 to 14 years of postsecondary education to achieve an oral and maxillofacial degree, according to the American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. Graduates typically pursue a fellowship in one of four specialties: trauma repair, cancer reconstruction, cleft palate and lip surgery, and cosmetic facial surgery.

Dr. Cornell McCullom III, D.D.S., M.D., is one of only five African American oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the country with a medical degree. He specializes in facial aesthetic services to reverse signs of aging and correct facial imperfections. Patients who come to his practice, Timeless Beauty, for facial cosmetic treatment know they are working with one of the most skilled and dedicated doctors in the business. 

Among the many procedures he performs in his aesthetic practice are fillers, lip reduction, NovaThreads for facial tissue lifting, Botox and Xeomin for wrinkle relaxation, chin and cheek implants and fat grafting for facial balancing, keloid scar removal, repair of torn earlobes, mole removal, neck and jowl liposuction, PRP and Vampire facelifts, and gum recontouring to correct gummy smiles.  

Dr. McCollum attended Yale University for his undergraduate degree. He went on to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery and complete his oral surgery residency at Howard University. After teaching at the University of Illinois Dental School and Northwestern Dental School, he returned to medical school at Northwestern to incorporate facial cosmetic surgery into his practice. Dr. McCullom also completed a year-long fellowship in general anesthesia at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. 

He places great value on continuing education both for himself and other dentists. In fact, he often videotapes his surgeries for continuing education seminars. 

Dr. McCullom is a member of numerous professional organizations and is even starting his own teaching institute in Chicago to pass along his knowledge. One of his goals when working with patients is ensuring they learn about the procedure they will undergo and its benefits.

Dr. Cornell McCullom III brings excellence to everything he does and invites you to a consultation at Timeless Beauty. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Facial Aesthetics in 60619 team.

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All About Botox Alternative Xeomin | Facial Aesthetics 60619

Xeomin (ZEE-oh-min) is a wrinkle-releaser closely related to Botox and Dysport. Our office uses it to temporarily but dramatically reduce furrows, crow’s feet, and deep forehead lines. It restores a youthful appearance to the face. 

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If you have ever been told that you look mad or unhappy because of furrows between your brows, Xeomin will temporarily erase or soften those vertical lines. If forehead creases seem permanently etched on your face, or laughter creates a web of fine lines at the corners of your eyes, you can temporarily reduce their appearance with this popular injectable.

What is Xeomin?

Xeomin, like Botox, is a form of botulinum toxin type A. It is a neurotoxin used to relax muscle movement in areas that contribute to wrinkles, such as the forehead or outer corners of the eyes. It is, essentially, a highly localized muscle-relaxant. It works by temporarily deactivating the nerves that cause specific muscles to move.

When you think of a treatment with the word “toxin” in it, you might be skeptical; however, the amount is so tiny and so localized, it is considered a highly safe treatment with temporary effects. 

While they share the same active ingredients, Xeomin and Botox are created by different manufacturers. Xeomin is formulated by adding an extra purification step: Basically, while Botox retains a layer of surface proteins, Xeomin does not; the protein layer has been stripped out.  

Xeomin vs. Botox

These treatments offer nearly identical results, so why choose Xeomin over Botox? The lack of a protective protein coating means that our bodies are less likely to develop antibodies against the compound and negate its effects. If your skin is sensitive, or you feel like your Botox treatments are not working as well as before, Xeomin may be the best Botox alternative for you. 

In blind scientific studies, neither patients nor doctors could distinguish between the final results of the two treatments. However, many patients did note that there were reduced feelings of “tightness” with Xeomin compared to Botox. Scientifically, the difference in effectiveness is 1 percent. 

By manipulating targeted muscles, Xeomin can be used for other aesthetic purposes besides wrinkle relaxation. It can be used to turn up the tip of the nose or the corners of the mouth. It can correct a gummy smile and soften “pebbled” skin on the chin.   

To determine whether Xeomin is right for you, you should consult with an experienced doctor. Dr. Cornell McCullom has the expertise and knowledge of facial cosmetics to make the right determination for you. Contact our South Side Chicago Facial Cosmetics office today to schedule an appointment and get started on achieving your own timeless beauty.   

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What is a Vampire Facelift? | Chicago Facial Aesthetics

A Vampire Facelift uses the restorative qualities of your own cells to rejuvenate sagging skin, reduce wrinkles and correct uneven tone. It can be used on the face, neck, hands, and décolleté.

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This non-surgical option, also known as a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facelift, is called a Vampire Facelift because it uses elements drawn from your blood; however, it does not require any incisions like plastic surgery. This trademarked procedure can: 

  • Improve sagging skin 
  • Encourage better skin tone and texture
  • Stimulate collagen production and blood flow

The Vampire Facelift can be an effective way to restore a youthful appearance to your face, making your skin appear brighter and more rejuvenated. Using only the natural platelets found in your own blood, this procedure can smooth out lines while stimulating skin regeneration and collagen formation in as little as half an hour. 

What is in a Vampire Facelift?

Although your blood is mainly a liquid, it also contains solid components, including platelets. These are largely responsible for normal blood-clotting action in the case of injury, but they have a unique use for your appearance, as well. 

When isolated, concentrated, and then activated, platelets release proteins and growth factors. These would normally be used to heal damaged tissue, but when injected in a specific way, they activate the skin’s multipotent stem cells. These stem cells are, in a sense, “tricked” into behaving as if there is an injury, and they get to work promoting the growth of fresh, young tissue.

How Vampire Facelift Works

We take a small amount of your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. We apply the PRP mixture to the treatment area with a small needle. The Vampire Facelift usually takes less than an hour to complete. In addition to taking less time than a surgical facelift, it is also far more economical.

One of the key benefits of the vampire facial is that your own blood is used, so there is almost no risk of rejection, infection, or allergic reaction. There may be some small amounts of swelling, redness or bruising from the tiny needles used, but these issues are resolved quickly for most patients.  

If you are looking for a safe, non-surgical way to improve skin texture and tone, the Vampire Facelift may be an ideal treatment choice for you. Call our Chicago facial cosmetics office to learn more about this and other facial rejuvenation options available to you at the office of Dr. Cornell McCullom

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Chicago IL Facial Aesthetics | How Small Tweaks to Your Appearance Can Yield Amazing Results

We are in an era when people celebrate their unique looks, but many of us still have a feature we would like to correct. Others want to turn back time. If you are seeking a more youthful appearance or want to alter a feature that bothers you, you have many options. 

South Side Chicago Facial Cosmetics

How Facial Fillers Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance

Dermal (skin) fillers can help you achieve the look you want with long-lasting results. Juvéderm, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero and others can work wonders in the hands of a skillful surgeon like Dr. Cornell McCullom. Dermal fillers can restore a youthful volume to a mature face and decrease furrow lines and smile lines. They can create a more symmetrical look, such as giving the illusion of more prominent cheekbones. Facial fillers can be used in the tear trough to plump up a hollow under-eye area, add youthful volume to the back of the hands, and subtly reshape the bridge of the nose without surgery.  

Facial filler treatments take about 15 minutes to complete and the effects last about six months, depending on the strength of the filler and the area to which it is injected. Unlike surgery, downtime is minimal. 

Fat Grafting for Smoother, Plumper Skin

Another alternative filler is fat harvested from your own body. The treatment, known as fat grafting, can correct a sunken appearance in the jaw, cheeks and under-eye area. The procedure involves collecting a small amount of fat from your body, purifying it, and strategically injecting it into the treatment area. Fat grafting tends to be a longer lasting option than other fillers and, because it comes from your own body, there is almost no chance of an adverse reaction.  

The fat can also be combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with stem cells to enhance the final results. 

Achieve a Prettier Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and lips especially have become a focal point in our culture. There are many ways to help you achieve the perfect smile for your face. 

A gum lift can reshape the gums so more of your teeth show when you smile. As a trained dentist and medical doctor, Dr. McCollum has the skill and experience to revitalize your mouth safely. 

Cheiloplasty (KEE-lo-plasty) is a procedure that is used to reduce prominent lips. A minimally invasive surgical procedure done inside the lip, it is excellent for reducing the size of a lower lip that protrudes too much.

Wrinkle-Reducing Treatments

Botox, Xeomin and other botulinum toxin injectables temporarily reduce the appearance of frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, forehead furrows and other expression lines. They are neuromuscular blockers, which, in very tiny and safe amounts, temporarily deactivate specific muscles. They can help restore a youthful appearance or can be used proactively to prevent the formation of deep lines. The effect can last for months and there is almost no downtime for most people.  

 Dr. McCollum offers these and many more facial treatments from removal of skin tags, keloid scars and moles to chemical peels and Vampire (PRP) facial rejuvenation. Make an appointment for a consultation today with our Chicago IL Facial Aesthetics.

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